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In such a digital time, it can be so tempting to ask for just the digital download of your images and avoid the larger decision of how to print and display photographs in your home. I want to challenge you to think of the last time you printed something you put on your phone or laptop. When was the last time you looked at it, even? You probably downloaded it, posted it to Facebook and Instagram, and then…just forgot about it. It’s easy to get caught up with life and forget, but you don’t want to forget about your memories! I’m sharing my most popular print options for you to consider using in your home.


I love a good photo album. With so many cover and page options, these can fit into any home! Whether your decor is traditional, modern, rustic, or perhaps somewhere in between, you can always find a style and design that sits well with you and feels at home with your family. I love this option because it’s so easy to custom and a nice “done for you” way to get all of your portraits in one spot. No fuss, no muss. They are all printed right there for you!

Unbound Albums

Sometimes an album just feels a little too traditional, especially for those people who like to switch up their decor regularly. An unbound album is the perfect option because it still allows for that level of customization and number of images, but it gives even more variety! An unbound album is a set of printed images sorted in a linen box. You can put your box out on the coffee table so that guests can flip through the images, just like an album, OR you can hang some of the images on the wall! The best part is you have all of your images printed, in one spot, so that you can change out the images on the wall frequently and have easy, safe storage for those that aren’t being displayed right now.

Wall Art

This takes the unbound album to another level, as we focus on a few gorgeous images that you cannot live without. The options are endless with your images available on wood, metal, or canvas. You can go a more traditional route with a print on traditional or fine art paper, as well! These images are big and bold. They say that you love your family and the image of your family and you are ready to show them off. You can do one image or a grouping of images. Modern technology allows you to visualize the portrait on your wall in various sizes and materials so that you can make sure you fall in love before bringing it to life!

If you’re investing in something, you shouldn’t just tuck it away and never look at it. Display those portraits loud and proud! Which print option are you ready to try out?

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