V.I.P. Invitation

You are FABULOUS. You have been an important part of the studio for sometime now and I believe that needs to be recognized. If you haven’t yet noticed, I recently placed out our application for the Model Rep Program (2020) called Familiar Faces. I am so excited and you can find all of that information here!

Over the past year of running a one level “ambassador” program, I realized each and every representative had their strengths. Some were AMAZING with direct referrals, others were great at constantly spreading the word, a few were fabulous at finding unique marketing opportunities, and so on. Honestly, some were just really good at showing up to sessions, dressing nicely, and representing the brand well – amazing portfolio work, but not as many direct referrals and marketing happening (and that’s okay).

I created Familiar Faces to lighten the load on many of our representatives. I would like to get whole crew of people focusing on model calls, sharing their photos, and helping with seasonal promotions — BOOM. Perfect for the folks who are great at dressing nice, showing up, and repping us well.

You are receiving this because…you are different. I will tell you privately how fabulous you are, as this invitation is going out to all who are invited (a very select, exclusive group I may add) and I want you to know the exact reason behind your being chosen.

Let’s talk about the differences behind the two – incentives, rewards, what you’re actually doing. Here is a quick look at the two programs…

Familiar FacesV.I.P. of EDP (you)
3-Month TermYear Long Term
Promo Sessions Only
(3-5 images)
Up to 12 Sessions
(5+ images)
10% OFF Affiliate Link 20% OFF Affiliate Link
20% OFF Additional Purchase25% OFF Additional Purchase
Standard Referral CardsPersonalized Referral Cards
Personal Ad for PromosPersonalized Year-Round Coupon/Ad
Calendar of 3-Month TermCalendar of Full Year Promotions
—–Branded Apparel
——Private Portal
——Personal Photo App
Recognition on Model PageRecognition on Team Page
Membership to VIP GroupModerate VIP Group
10% OFF (forever) after term15% OFF (forever) after term
Referral = FREE SESSION (keep)Referral = FREE SESSION (gift or keep)

Let’s talk details —- in the Familiar Faces program, you are working exclusively with us for 3 months to photograph our latest promotions (things like a new location, seasonal shots, etc.) —- In this, we ask that you promote exclusively our studio, share your images, and enjoy the ride! The number of sessions is limited to the number of promotions the studio requires for that 3-month term, but all sessions are free with 3-5 images (the ones used in promotions) included at high resolution quality. You can gain additional free sessions (of your choosing) to use for your family only by referring friends – every time that one books, you get a booking yourself! Direct referrals can be difficult, so we do allow for sessions to be received in other ways – through our points system:

5 points for each time you share our post, or tag our page in a post (doesn’t count if you just share and tag at the same time – only 5 points, sorry)

15 points for each person who contacts us, saying you sent them, whether they book or not!

Hit 500 Points and you will receive a FULL portrait session ($600+ value)

Now let’s discuss your invitation – I want you to choose whether you want to be a representative at all, and then whether this V.I.P. of EDP deal is for you. In this program, you are working exclusively with us for a year, with possibility of renewal. You will receive first offer on all paid positions coming up, short-term and long-term. We just ask that you work exclusively with us – only referring, working with, sharing, etc. our work – so not to cause a conflict of interests, easy peasy, enjoy it! The number of sessions you receive is limited to the months in the year, so that we can all keep up, with an average of one session per month – 12 sessions per year. You can expect to receive at least 5 images per session, depending on the session, and those will be full resolution for you enjoyment – share, print, show them off! There is still possibility to move up, of course – you can gain ADDITIONAL sessions (yep) that you can then keep for yourself or gift to family members by referring a friend or using points. When your friend books, you receive a free session automatically. You have more opportunities for points, so we do raise the bar for how many points it takes to receive a free session (you have more opportunities with a longer window of time, this is only fair) – see the information below. To help with your referrals, you will receive a complimentary piece of apparel (of your choice) that is branded for the studio, as well as the opportunity to purchase more at cost (yep, no up charging here). We do ask that you moderate our Keeping Connections, VIP group on Facebook, just to help us keep an eye on everyone there.

5 points for each time you share our post, or tag our page in a post (doesn’t count if you just share and tag at the same time – only 5 points, sorry)

15 points for each person who contacts us, saying you sent them, whether they book or not!

5 points for each business you contact on our behalf – (10 additional points if they reach out to us, +10 additional points if we collaborate together )

5 points for each event you contact on our behalf – (10 additional points if they send back information, +10 additional points if we work/donate at event)

Hit 1,000 Points and you will receive a FULL portrait session with 20 images that you can keep yourself OR gift to a friend (WOO!)

How to Proceed

I know – this is A LOT of information, honestly probably too much and overwhelming. I hope to see you in one of the programs, but please know that I will not think poorly of you if you do not wish to join at this time. Life happens. This can feel like a large commitment and I get that. Applications will be taken for Familiar Faces on a rolling basis – with new faces being chosen every 3 months, but repeat clients being welcomed back after a few terms (if desired), whereas the VIP will only be opened up when a space opens up, as many of our VIPs will be asked to return for additional terms.

If you accept this offer, you will be 1 of only 3-5 individuals on our VIP team. I think the world of you, consider you an asset, and want to keep our strong relationship and friendship as the business continues to blossom. I know we will keep that even if this is not the right program for you.

Thank you for all you have done to promote, support, etc. myself and EDP over the years. I could not have done any of this without you. Seriously.