The Zombie Apocalypse has begun…

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Join the efforts in Martinsburg, WV


Limited Time Offer | October of 2017 | Contact today to reserve your spot


Interactive, fun-filled session | Zombie effects are provided |No special outfits required

Abandoned, private location in Martinsburg – Sure to bring out the zombie in you!

All ages are welcome | No limit on group size | No additional fees for pets


Immortalize the Undead…

Edgy | Vivid | Metal – NEW PRODUCT

Contact us to explore the many options for your seasonal fun!


Today’s solar eclipse has received a wide range of coverage and quite a bit of fame among those able to view this natural beauty. Some have reserved hotels for months to be in the line of totality – people are opening their homes, yards, etc. to allow people the best view possible! —- However, is everyone safely watching the eclipse?

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Why does a solar eclipse occur?

 “The moon moves between Earth and the sun. You might think that this should happen every month since the moon’s orbit, depending on how it is defined is between about 27 and 29 days long. But our moon’s orbit is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbit around the sun by about five degrees. Not much, you say? Yes, but the moon, itself, is only about ½ degree in width in the sky, about ½ the width of your pinky finger held at arm’s length. So, sometimes the moon misses too high and sometimes too low to cause a solar eclipse. Only when the sun, moon, and Earth line up close to the “line of nodes”, the imaginary line that represents the intersection of the orbital planes of the moon and Earth, can you have an eclipse.”



Why is the sun more intense during an eclipse?

The sun is actually NOT more intense on a solar eclipse. Let’s just put it out there that it is horrible for your eyes to look at the sun any day. Our natural reaction is to look away when something bright is damaging our eyes! However, for the eclipse we will likely ignore this natural defense and continue viewing – which is where damage comes into play.


There are a whole line of misconceptions surrounding the eclipse, and Nasa has helped to strike them all down. For additional information please head over to:


If you cannot look at the sun, how do you view the eclipse safely?

There are plenty of options, actually, and no good excuse for ruining your eyes!


One of the great ways to protect your eyes is by purchasing a pair of Eclipse Shades. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few questionable websites that are selling fake glasses. One of the best ways to ensure you are using proper gear is to go through an authorized dealer – such as those suggested by Nasa themselves!


If you didn’t have time to buy the glasses and still wish to view, you have a number of other options!

A wielding mask can be a great option:

“The only ones that are safe for direct viewing of the Sun with your eyes are those of Shade 12 or higher. These are much darker than the filters used for most kinds of welding. If you have an old welder’s helmet around the house and are thinking of using it to view the Sun, make sure you know the filter’s shade number. If it’s less than 12 (and it probably is), don’t even think about using it to look at the Sun.”

A pinhole camera is fun to make & easy to use:


Or create a DIY Pinhole Projector:


You can also view through you camera or telescope, BUT…you MUST have a solar filter on the camera/telescope. It will ruin not only your eyes, but also the lens and sensor on the camera you are using.

There is a common misconception going around that simply “taking a selfie” and watching the eclipse in “selfie mode” is safe. It is NOT safe. It will NOT decrease the intensity of looking at the sun, but it will ruin the camera on your phone and most likely your eyes in the process. Slap a filter on it, or use one of the many above options.

Similar situation goes for those who are professionally attempting to take photographs of the sun. A DSLR, the common choice of camera for those wanting more professional quality images, has mirrors on the inside that will help to intensify the light you are looking at. It also has a sensor that will be ruined, along with your eyesight, just as the cellphone does! Please, put a filter on your camera.


You can also view the eclipse live, and safely, from your computer or TV:


It is important that you remember safety today. It is a beautiful, natural occurrence and we are all very excited to be viewing it. It’s important to remember that you have to practice safety, and teach any children you have at home with you today that safety as well.


There is a large bit of false information spreading around the internet in regards to viewing the sun today, or any day. Be sure that you fact check before spreading this information. You are risking your health, as well as the health of others, by using and giving false information. Heading over to can help to give a great deal of information on the eclipse and ensure that you are properly handling this.


Be safe & enjoy one of nature’s many wonders!

We had the pleasure of working with World’s Mrs. West Virginia Tourism 2017

This past week, Ms. Holly  headed to Nashville for the World’s Tourism 2017 Pageant


We are happy to say she came in as 4th runner up within this competition among so many other deserving, strong women from around the country! We are incredibly proud of Holly, not only in the pageant, but all of the amazing things she has been doing for the community while carrying out this title.


Please lend Holly, and the community, a helping hand with her backpack program.

This program will be benefiting counties in West Virginia that were severely hit with flooding over the past week. It is an effort to get supplies to students and teachers who may be having difficulty with obtaining such at this time.

They are looking for:

Construction paper
Dry erase markers & erasers

To donate any of the above supplies, to learn more about the program, etc. please contact Holly Redman – as she has all of the information needed to properly help this cause.



It was a pleasure to join World’s Mrs. West Virginia Tourism 2017 – Holly Redman in her journey. For this photography session, it was part of a creative competition within the pageant. Ms. Holly believes in just what we love for our work to speak – regarding darkness with light and how to overcome one’s own struggles.

We are happy to have seen Ms. Holly do so wonderfully within the pageant and are excited to watch as her project to aid the community blossoms with the help of you!

On July 7th and 8th…


We asked the community to open their hearts.


Over the course of a day and a half, nearly 20 families came out to celebrate our anniversary. During this event, we gave our time and talents to each family in exchange for a donation of towels and washcloths. These are items that the Shenandoah Women’s Center in Martinsburg, WV desperately needed.

They put out an announcement to the public, asking for donations.

After seeing all that this organization does for the community, Erica Danile Photography decided to involve them in part of their twice annual charity sessions.



A mix of new and past clients came out to make this goal a reality. Everyone brought with them towels and/or washcloths. Those that were unavailable for our Meet ‘n Greet, charity event date, still chose to drop a donation off at the studio.


This morning we have delivered well over 50 towels and washcloths to the Shenandoah Women’s Center. They are overjoyed with the love and support from the community and what we have done for them.


A large thank you to all that helped with this process.

Those who came out, those who dropped off donations, and those who spread the word!


We are truly blown away with how the community has come together for this event. Erica Danile Photography cannot wait to schedule our next charity event – in the winter.

Please take a moment to head over to and see how you can further assist this wonderful organization here in our city! Thank you.



Join Erica Danile Photography for their first ever Meet ‘n Greet


Mark your calendars for July 7th and 8th

Erica Danile Photography is offering a complimentary mini session in exchange for gently used or new towels and washcloths. These items will be collected and then donated to the Shenandoah Women’s Center – here in Martinsburg, WV.

This collaborative event is a celebration of the business’ first year in Martinsburg, WV and an effort to help with the current needs within our community. Enjoy a professional portrait session of your choice, while giving back to the community and being a part of the solution to current issues.

Give a little…get a lot!



Shenandoah Women’s Center has expressed their appreciation for this effort, from not only Erica Danile Photography but the community that is getting involved.

Due to limited spacing, these sessions are being offered by appointment only.

To reserve your appointment today, reach out to Erica Danile Photography on one of their many platforms. If you are on social media, you can head over to their Facebook page at Their website can be found at You may also choose to email or call/text (304) 676 – 6503.

It’s that time of year…yep…

Kitten Season!


Shelters are packed and people are trying to re-home kitties left and right. No one wants to see the fur-babies put down, but many of the current owners are not able to keep these litters that keep popping up. Locally we have so many feral cats that it is nearly impossible to keep up with the spay/neutering of these cuties – so when spring & summer come…kitten season launches!

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Erica Danile Photography is making efforts to help find homes for these kitties!

[If you, or someone you know, has kittens or cats that they are trying to find homes for, please contact . We will schedule a *free* session to photograph the kitties and share the images to help get the cuties adopted. So far our posting has reached over 6,000 people in only 3 days – we will help you find homes.]


All Kittens pictured in this blog are up for adoption – free to a good home!

[You will be provided with a copy of the image of your kitten – if desired.]



Please contact Amanda W. or Erica Danile Photography for information!


Thank you for your contribution in helping to save fur-babies just like these! Please take the time to share this blog posting with your friends & family. You can also head over to our Facebook, and share the post there! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a kitty that needs help being re-homed! Thank you.


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“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower. “

-John Harrigan


This beautiful family joined me for a bit more a spontaneous shoot.

With living in a valley, it is not often that we can find an open area to photograph – let alone an open area that is covered in flowers. It was by sheer luck that we stumbled upon this flower patch. I began quickly posting all over, to try and make use of this natural beauty before the flowers were gone. Without knowing how long they had been there, it was hard to tell how long they would stay in bloom!




We improved – pushing things that would usually be discussed over a consultation into a day to complete these photographs. It is hard to deny that the results are amazing!


So much love and energy is captured within these images. The personalities of each girl shine through, as well as the connection, the bond, that they share as a family.



The gallery is filled with candid moments: real moments of laughter and love!

Many hugs and kisses were passed to one another during the session. There were whispers in ears…there were sibling spats…there was laughs until near tears.



No two galleries are ever the same. It is the personality of each being photographed that bring the photographs – the moments being photographed – to life. I am blown away by the love and energy projected by this precious family. Their bond is untouchable and it was a pleasure to preserve these moments and memories for them.

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Little girls dream in fairytales…

…We bring those dreams to life!


My years growing up were captured within the walls of a chain portrait studio. I remember very clearly the blinding lights, uncomfortable posing, and 90’s style overly fake backdrops.

Over half of the images were taken with fake smiles, perhaps even tears… :'(

As my passion & knowledge for photography grew, I knew that this is not what I wanted from my portraits – this was not the experience I wanted my clients to experience.



…and thus…our magical sessions were born!

So far we have offered princess, zombie, reindeer, mermaid, and the list grows on!

Our current magical sessions are princess & unicorn! During this type of session, we encourage girls to treat themselves to the life of a princess while in our studio!

The girls are able to dress up in their favorite dress, or choose a gown from our photography wardrobe. There is access to complimentary hair, makeup, and nail design!

When we arrive on location, we turn on Pandora to listen to their favorite songs. Together, we dance, talk, and laugh for the next hour as we snap away candid photographs – without a care in the world!

The magic continues in post processing where the unicorns come to life!


[Erica Danile Photography does not use live animals]

It is recorded that on average there are approximately 60 MILLION images posted to Instagram every single day. The statistics show that Facebook stomps that into the ground with an amazing 350 MILLION images uploaded every. single. day.

So in a world that is so clearly driven by and focused on the newest technologies, why in the world would anyone want to print their images?!

Technology is growing and evolving daily.

We can look back at this and think of the record. The record moved to the 8-track, to the cassette, to the CD, to the MP3, to the MP4, and we are still evolving.

Something similar has happened in the world of computers…

We’ve moved from Floppy Disk to CD to USB…and now they have introduced the USB-C

Computers have been missing their floppy slot for quite sometime. Now they are removing the CD drive. The latest and greatest computer models have upgraded their USB. So…what do we do with all of the data that we are missing?

Data – whether it be written word or imagery – is being lost throughout time, and at a very rapid pace! You can no longer access the data on your floppy and as one could imagine the same will soon be happening to these other technologies.

We want to feel a sense of security by posting our images, by sharing online, but these moments are only seen for a second, before being buried among the other millions. These sites come and go just as quickly as our technologies do. Myspace was taken over by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It would be inaccurate to think that this won’t happen again…

So how can one combat the ever changing world?


We can preserve our cherished memories in the form of archival prints!

Archival prints are museum quality, fine art prints created through a professional lab.

These prints will not fade, warp, or ruin within the 15 years, as your prints from a consumer lab will. This type of printing is necessary in properly preserving your imagery. They will hold strong through the years and be a piece that your family can pass down for generations.

Erica Danile Photography urges everyone to make use of the amazing resources that we have available to us. Post, share, and tag your family in all of your newest images! However, do not forget that while that post may last a few moments – you need those memories to last a lifetime.

Consider ordering prints through your photographer of choice. If you’ve taken the images yourself, ask a photographer (myself included) who is the best for YOU to print from!

We urge photographers and clients alike to switch to archival printing

& spread the education of print over digital.