This month we are honoring a client that is brand new to the studio, coming from the referral of her long time friend.

September’s Client of the Month is Tiffany Conklin (and her lovely family).

We have prepared a gift for Tiffany as a thank you for joining us for such a lovely portrait session, trusting us with her memories, and being just fabulous throughout the process. You have no idea how much it means to us, and how honored we truly are.

We threw away the idea that the pups “needed to sit still” (news flash: very, very, very few do. It is my job to make it LOOK LIKE they sit still, same with kiddos!) and rolled with the punches. We combated bugs and heat. We played off of two excited pups’ energy. We enjoyed an evening capturing personalities, creating legacies, and making memories together.

While few things in life are perfect, we feel this family is pretty close. There are few times I have witnessed as much love and understanding between family members as I did during this session. I cannot wait to watch their family grow and continue documenting these important moments (because every day is important and you don’t need to wait for a birthday or holiday)

Tiffany and her family will be receiving some goodies in their mailbox this month that I bet they cannot wait to share with you! BUT here is something you don’t have to wait…

Contact us to schedule your very own portrait session for 2020, by October 2nd, and mention Tiffany’s gorgeous family to receive a special offer! Next Client of the Month will be announced on October 2nd.

Motherhood by definition is a woman in relation to her children, bringing them up with care and affection.

What a dictionary definition fails to address are so many things that often go overlooked in our lives and society.
The bedtime stories, the sick-day cuddles, the snow day adventures (even though mom probably hates the snow)…
The advice that starts early in life and carries us well into our adulthood, when we become mothers and they become grandmothers.

Motherhood is a duty, and honor, that is never ending. It follows us through life. It is easily the most valued, but under recognized action.

We hear it too often…
“No, just photographs of the children. This is about them.”
“I’m not very photogenic. I never have been.”
“I want to lose this baby weight first, but maybe I can book next year.”
“I just can’t justify this on myself, perhaps family photos?”

To each and every mother out there, please take a moment to realize your worth. It doesn’t matter if you are their birth mother, or if you have adopted or share custody. It doesn’t matter if you are 15, 30, or 60. You are a mother for life. Your value only increases as your children grow.
You are creating a life that will outlast you, and a legacy that won’t soon pass.

It is sad to say, but one day your legacy will have to go on without you. While they may have a clear memory of you, they will find themselves saddened that they can no longer pick up the phone and ask mom.
They will want their children, also your legacy, to know of your life – to see you, to remember you, to honor you.

There are, perhaps, a million reasons to say “no” to having your portrait taken…
But if you need a reason, if you cannot do it for just you alone, then please realize that it extends beyond you. The blessing that the luxury of photography is something that extends far past our own lifetime. Don’t let your legacy go on without your memory.


Exclusive Motherhood Sessions are now being scheduled in spirit of the upcoming Mother’s Day (May 13th, 2018). These limited edition sessions will only be available to you in April and May. Prior booking has begun and will continue through April 18th – schedule as priority and receive 15% off your total order.

Special products are available for these sessions!

All sessions will include a complimentary care basket – filled with goodies from local businesses for mom, as well as the family.

Each mom will receive a welcome and session guide – going over wardrobe and styling, hair, makeup, etc. to find the best options available to you and your family.

To show our appreciation for you gorgeous moms out there, we are gifting each booked session a complimentary 8×10.

These sessions can be used for any mother, of any age.
They can be family portraits, couples portraits, or glamour of the mother alone.

Interested in purchasing a gift certificate for that special woman in your life? We are selling certificates in values of your choice. The certificates also come with a 10% off for the lovely ladies using the gift you’ve purchased!

Contact us today for additional information and to reserve your time slot. Dates are limited.

Easter is coming early this year: April 1st, 2018

We are ready to celebrate in the studio!



Join us March 24th, 2018 between 11:00AM and 3:30PM 

We will have (fake) eggs to decorate: paint, markers, and stickers – as well as coloring sheets for younger children.

A giveaway will take place every hour, for goodies for the children.

We will provide all supplies, as well as photo-scavenger hunts to take home, complete, and be entered for another giveaway!

Light snacks will be made available for everyone. Juice boxes for the kiddos – coffee, tea, and soda available for parents, as well as a moment of peace while your child plays!


Stop by anytime between 11 and 3:30 to join in on the fun. Stay all day or say hi for a few!

This is a free event, open to the public. Please invite your friends and family to tag along.


You can see who may be attending, invite friends, and RSVP with us on Facebook!

Final (59 of 90)

We would like to congratulate Grace and Daniel on their happy marriage!

January 13th, 2018 | Shepherdstown, West Virginia


We have been waiting to release this post, so that the couple had time to receive the wedding package, go through the images privately, and be the first to share with friends and family. Now that they have had some time to take it all in, we are honored to share their love story – from our perspective.


Erica Danile Photography has had the pleasure of working with Grace and Danny for nearly a year. We’ve gone through several consultations, a number of sessions, and of course…their big day. Through thick and think, we’ve watched this beautiful couple grow.

We can say that we’ve met few people who’s love even comes close. 

The happy couple has been friends for years, creating that bond through their school’s show choir, and…it shows. They have not only an amazing bond, but some serious dance moves as well!

We often set quite high expectations of our big day. The dress. The venue. The music. We have trouble accepting that sometimes things simply don’t go on schedule and that all the planning in the world cannot prevent it. Many couples get caught up in this dilemma.

This wedding, despite how the bride may have felt at the end of the night, was as close to perfection as they come. With a love like Grace & Danny have, there is no way that such a union could be unsuccessful. Everyone in attendance, including your photographers, had an amazing experience – witnessing the love of this gorgeous couple.


We are wishing you MANY happy years together. We look forward to watching you two grow and prosper, as your lives unfold before you. Please – keep in touch. 


Since we love to give credit where credit is due:

Photographer: Erica Danile Photography

Assistant Photographer: Lis Christy of Lis Christy Photography

Photobooth Specialist: Jessica Dahlberg of Jessica Koers Photography

Jewelry: Designs by Katie Leigh

Dress: Klienfield Bridal, NYC  

Contribute to this beautiful big day? Contact us to be added to our credits.


Did you know that Easter is coming early this year?

Easter is April 1st, 2018.

There is so much to prepare for: Dinners, Gifts, Scheduling Events, Etc. Allow us to take some of that weight off of you. We will create professional portraits, just in time!


Our average turn around time for your custom portraits to be hand-delivered to you is approximately 3-4 weeks. During this busy time, we are prioritizing YOU and promising your beautiful memories before Easter if you session takes place on or before March 18th, 2018. This date is now only a week away.

We are putting out a LAST CALL for those seeking a gorgeous keepsake this season.

All sessions include a complimentary consultation [[plan outfits, try on our gowns, learn about ALL options available to you, select a few that work best for your family, schedule a date, option to place an advanced investment/payment, and get priority booking!]]

access to studio wardrobe [[choose from many gorgeous outfits we have in-studio for you to wear, or get styling help on your own closet. Together we will choose a timeless look for your modern artwork.]]

…a custom portrait session [[enjoy a location and time that work best for your unique family. The details have been planned just for you, and images are shot to fit your favorite options from the consultation. Our sessions are not restricted to a time-frame – we spend the time needed to capture those precious moments with your family.]]

professional retouch and processing [[view and choose from final, professionally processed images. Our animals are added in during post processing to remain within our legal rights, as well as protect your child and the fragile animals seen within our advertisements. We take our time with this process to ensure the best results for you.]]

image and product guidance [[have the assistant in choosing colors, materials, images, etc. to create custom art work for within your household. Enjoy the luxury of not needing to have all of the answers or a definite end result in mind. Sit back and allow us to guide you through the process and make selection easy.

…an in-person viewing & ordering session [[why choose products and images that you have yet to see? Join us in-person to view and select your life-long keepsakes! We will be there to help guide you through the process and choose what fits your style best.]]

hand-delivery of images [[no more worrying about being there when the mail truck arrives because your images will be hand-delivered to you. Together we select a day and time to do a reveal party of your final products. We can meet again in studio, or deliver to your home or office!]]


Don’t need portraits back by Easter? Enjoy these sessions through the end of the month.


Who can participate?

We welcome all ages and groups to join us! We can work with your children individually or your whole family. There is no additional charge per family member, so bring them all! Our sessions are perfect for newborn, children of ALL ages, and adults alike! Your never too old, too big, too tall, or too young to have the experience of the season.


How do I book?

Quite easy, really! Just contact us and let us know that you’d like to begin the process.

We will ensure that you get a slot in our books for this month. You are a priority!

If you would like your portraits back before the Easter holiday (April 1st, 2018), you will be put on prior booking. You will want to make sure that you make note of that urgency in your inquiry to us. Thank you.


We hope this helped.

Have a Hippity-Hoppity-Happy Easter!

In case you had forgotten, we are here to remind you: we spring forward tomorrow – March 11th. Yep! It’s that time again: Daylight Saving Time!


When did this silly thing get started anyway?

It actually didn’t begin until 1986! You can thank Mr. George Vernon Hudson and Mr. William Willett, who proposed the time shift, twice annually.


Ok…But REALLY, why? 

As annoying as it may be to keep up with it, and as much as it may disrupt our schedules, sleep particularly, the proposal was created with the best of intentions. The idea is to allow for our days to be longer and overall more productive. The name is quite truthful when implying that it’s an attempt to save daylight!


And we all have to do this?!

Nope – not all places in the United States participate in the time-shift, anymore! Arizona and Hawaii have opted out, as have a few US Territories and Amish communities.


AGAIN – Whyyyyy?

Truthfully, it seems we could argue that all day. Despite what many thing, this time change was not intended to help farmers. In fact, they were very much against it! Their work goes by the sun, not by man-made time; arguing that it conflicted with and threw off their schedules (sounds familiar, right?). It was actually the urban community and industries that pushed for this change. Their argument of energy conservation has yet to really be proven, however.


Interested in more fun facts? Head over to the

You can thank Daylight Saving if you work Monday-Friday,  9-5, and want to book a weekday session with us! With this time change, it now puts our ideal time-frame for the PERFECT session between 6:00PM – 7:30PM start-time. Plenty of time to change, grab a quick dinner, and head out for the session of your dreams. 


Don’t forget to change your clocks!


Tell the boss you totally forgot and overslept.

This is only your first strike, right?





The Zombie Apocalypse has begun…

1 fb

Join the efforts in Martinsburg, WV


Limited Time Offer | October of 2017 | Contact today to reserve your spot


Interactive, fun-filled session | Zombie effects are provided |No special outfits required

Abandoned, private location in Martinsburg – Sure to bring out the zombie in you!

All ages are welcome | No limit on group size | No additional fees for pets


Immortalize the Undead…

Edgy | Vivid | Metal – NEW PRODUCT

Contact us to explore the many options for your seasonal fun!


Today’s solar eclipse has received a wide range of coverage and quite a bit of fame among those able to view this natural beauty. Some have reserved hotels for months to be in the line of totality – people are opening their homes, yards, etc. to allow people the best view possible! —- However, is everyone safely watching the eclipse?

totality solar eclipse2

Why does a solar eclipse occur?

 “The moon moves between Earth and the sun. You might think that this should happen every month since the moon’s orbit, depending on how it is defined is between about 27 and 29 days long. But our moon’s orbit is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbit around the sun by about five degrees. Not much, you say? Yes, but the moon, itself, is only about ½ degree in width in the sky, about ½ the width of your pinky finger held at arm’s length. So, sometimes the moon misses too high and sometimes too low to cause a solar eclipse. Only when the sun, moon, and Earth line up close to the “line of nodes”, the imaginary line that represents the intersection of the orbital planes of the moon and Earth, can you have an eclipse.”



Why is the sun more intense during an eclipse?

The sun is actually NOT more intense on a solar eclipse. Let’s just put it out there that it is horrible for your eyes to look at the sun any day. Our natural reaction is to look away when something bright is damaging our eyes! However, for the eclipse we will likely ignore this natural defense and continue viewing – which is where damage comes into play.


There are a whole line of misconceptions surrounding the eclipse, and Nasa has helped to strike them all down. For additional information please head over to:


If you cannot look at the sun, how do you view the eclipse safely?

There are plenty of options, actually, and no good excuse for ruining your eyes!


One of the great ways to protect your eyes is by purchasing a pair of Eclipse Shades. Unfortunately, there have been quite a few questionable websites that are selling fake glasses. One of the best ways to ensure you are using proper gear is to go through an authorized dealer – such as those suggested by Nasa themselves!


If you didn’t have time to buy the glasses and still wish to view, you have a number of other options!

A wielding mask can be a great option:

“The only ones that are safe for direct viewing of the Sun with your eyes are those of Shade 12 or higher. These are much darker than the filters used for most kinds of welding. If you have an old welder’s helmet around the house and are thinking of using it to view the Sun, make sure you know the filter’s shade number. If it’s less than 12 (and it probably is), don’t even think about using it to look at the Sun.”

A pinhole camera is fun to make & easy to use:


Or create a DIY Pinhole Projector:


You can also view through you camera or telescope, BUT…you MUST have a solar filter on the camera/telescope. It will ruin not only your eyes, but also the lens and sensor on the camera you are using.

There is a common misconception going around that simply “taking a selfie” and watching the eclipse in “selfie mode” is safe. It is NOT safe. It will NOT decrease the intensity of looking at the sun, but it will ruin the camera on your phone and most likely your eyes in the process. Slap a filter on it, or use one of the many above options.

Similar situation goes for those who are professionally attempting to take photographs of the sun. A DSLR, the common choice of camera for those wanting more professional quality images, has mirrors on the inside that will help to intensify the light you are looking at. It also has a sensor that will be ruined, along with your eyesight, just as the cellphone does! Please, put a filter on your camera.


You can also view the eclipse live, and safely, from your computer or TV:


It is important that you remember safety today. It is a beautiful, natural occurrence and we are all very excited to be viewing it. It’s important to remember that you have to practice safety, and teach any children you have at home with you today that safety as well.


There is a large bit of false information spreading around the internet in regards to viewing the sun today, or any day. Be sure that you fact check before spreading this information. You are risking your health, as well as the health of others, by using and giving false information. Heading over to can help to give a great deal of information on the eclipse and ensure that you are properly handling this.


Be safe & enjoy one of nature’s many wonders!

We had the pleasure of working with World’s Mrs. West Virginia Tourism 2017

This past week, Ms. Holly  headed to Nashville for the World’s Tourism 2017 Pageant


We are happy to say she came in as 4th runner up within this competition among so many other deserving, strong women from around the country! We are incredibly proud of Holly, not only in the pageant, but all of the amazing things she has been doing for the community while carrying out this title.


Please lend Holly, and the community, a helping hand with her backpack program.

This program will be benefiting counties in West Virginia that were severely hit with flooding over the past week. It is an effort to get supplies to students and teachers who may be having difficulty with obtaining such at this time.

They are looking for:

Construction paper
Dry erase markers & erasers

To donate any of the above supplies, to learn more about the program, etc. please contact Holly Redman – as she has all of the information needed to properly help this cause.



It was a pleasure to join World’s Mrs. West Virginia Tourism 2017 – Holly Redman in her journey. For this photography session, it was part of a creative competition within the pageant. Ms. Holly believes in just what we love for our work to speak – regarding darkness with light and how to overcome one’s own struggles.

We are happy to have seen Ms. Holly do so wonderfully within the pageant and are excited to watch as her project to aid the community blossoms with the help of you!