The Boy Who Naps with Jacks

Did you hear? November 1st every year is National Author’s Day. This year we want to highlight one of our community’s very own. She is the mother to a beautiful baby boy and a Pack of Jacks! They are an adorable, quirky, and fun family who often shares a look into their daily lives of parenthood and fur-foster life. Chelle Wilson, through the help of her family, utilizes her online presence to remind others that life is always beautiful.

“Your fears are gone and love is here to stay…”

We want to allow the book to speak for itself, so this post will be kept short. The above quote says all that you need to know about the story. It shares the story of Bear, her little boy, showing love for every pup that comes through their door. It is a story of kindness, love, compassion, and hope. This story is perfect for pet lovers of all ages. You can get your very own copy here.

We are jumping offline to cozy up with our own pack and read this beautiful, poetic story. Leave comments on how much you’ve loved it!

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