Magic in Martinsburg: Roses & Weedz

Okay, guys! I’m excited. For those who don’t know, I am a huge Stranger Things fan. Like H.U.G.E. super fan (probably explains a lot about the whimsical sessions, right?) …so when I came across this super adorable, handmade t-shirt design, I flipping lost it. I immediately ordered.

…and when an explosive pen incident ruined my brand new shirt…I immediately ordered it again.

My shirt arrived in this super adorable packaging. It is a small touch, but honestly I was blow away. Shelly, the owner and I, had chosen to meet in person since she is local to Martinsburg. I had expected to be handed the shirt in a plastic bag or, heck, just the shirt itself. It was a wonderful surprise to have such lovely presentation – a nice little touch that left me not wanting to open and “ruin it.”

When I finally got it together and opened up my new present (from me, to me), I was over the moon — the shirt looks EXACTLY like the product I had ordered. The shirt was incredibly soft! It washes nicely, except when you put an ink pen in the washer with it (oops). There was no fading or bleed.

I am perhaps a bit bias. Shelly is a past client of Erica Danile Photography, so I am naturally inclined to support her, as she has supported me. But I know amazing work when I see it. I know passion when I see it. This girl has passion for the amazing work she is creating – and it goes a long way!

Roses & Weedz Creations is more than deserving of this Magic in Martinsburg spotlight feature. I will be using her for upcoming apparel, most definitely, and encourage you to check out her professional page.

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