Erica Danile Photography is a Martinsburg, WV based company that focuses on providing fine art quality imagery to the everyday family. Our images are delivered through archival mediums, offering a wide variety of options for our clients.

We are a full service company. We will be personalizing and customizing your session to best suit your wants and needs.

We will discuss locations, outfits, and end products. You will have the opportunity to look at sample products and all of the possibilities available to properly tell your story!

We serve to create work that will be seen and passed down the family. With this, we provide archival quality art along with images for sharing with friends and family.

Our sessions include a detailed, easy process to provide the personalized, full-service that we all crave.

The first step to booking begins with a consultation and planning session to discuss the details of your vision. During this meeting we will go over all options available to you, discuss what will work best for your family, and begin planning your perfect session. Together we will discover a location, day, and time that create a successful session for you. We will style and create the perfect look and outfits for the session. Step by step, we will guide you.

Erica Danile Photography offers a custom service that works within many price ranges.
Our sessions begin at $150. The average client invests approximately $800 in their portrait art.

Erica Danile Photography’s sessions begin at $150, with the average client investing approximately $800 in their portrait art.

Due to the custom nature of our work, pricing ranges based on product and image. This is discussed, in full, during the first step of the process – the consultation and planning session.

We ask that you invest your time into the creation of beautiful heirloom pieces for your home, as we are.
You will enjoy a complimentary consultation and planning session – a photography session with no time, outfit, or imagination limits – an ordering appointment with professional guidance in products and packages – a reveal party to receive your gorgeous images.

To assist with your overall investment, Erica Danile Photography provides two referral programs:
Referral #1: Invite local friends & family to our Facebook VIP Group and receive $1 OFF per friend.
Referral #2: Refer a friend, when they book you BOTH receive $50 OFF.

To further assist, we allow pre-purchases and advanced investments. We will schedule payments up to the day of your ordering session, to pre-pay on a purchase of your choice. When you pre-pay, you receive 10% OFF your full total. This may be done in payments or in full.

To provide another custom option, we offer a Create Your Own Collection option. To quality, you must order at least one item from each of the following: Display Pieces, Gift Prints, and Collections.
Your CYOC will offer you 20% OFF the full purchase.

A variety of custom heirloom products are available for purchase.

These products range in price, beginning at $150. The options include everything from individual wall pieces to small scale prints to purchasing your full gallery. For a look at all products offered, follow the link below to download.