Welcome to the Studio

These moments around you will soon become your beloved memories. Truly there is no wrong way to store these memories for years to come – in your mind, in your heart, and in your home through portraits. Together, we find the photographic options that best suit your family’s needs and create the portraits you have only dreamed of, while telling your family’s unique story…

Before making any decisions, you will be guided through all options available to you. This begins with an in-person consultation to hash out everything there is to offer and how your memories will fit best into your life for years to come. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of product and image options, beginning at $300. It is not until after your session, when you are joining us to view the art we have created with the help of your gorgeous family, that you will be selecting your images and how you wish to preserve them. During the initial consultation, prior to your session, you are simply taking in the experience and gaining information on our process.

Along with the guidance through the studio’s product options, we hope to further your family’s experience by inviting you in studio to plan your dream session. From casual portraits to formals to magical creatures, you will have a final say over your gorgeous images. You are able to choose a location from a list of those we have previously photographed, join us for a brand new location we are dying to try, or select a spot in the Martinsburg, West Virginia region that means something special to your family. We are happy to help find a special location with anything you might want to see in your family’s art — water, fields, mountains, forest. You are welcome to join us in studio for a classic, timeless indoor portrait session, as well!

To take some of the pressure off of you, we are here to assist and guide through every minute of the process. From product and images options to location to time of day to your family’s wardrobe, we are here for you! If you are having difficulty selecting outfits for your family’s photography session, don’t sweat it — choose from our studio wardrobe (offering a variety of styles and sizes), ask for suggestions, send us pictures of your considerations, or ask us to come shopping with you. We will not let the stress of choosing outfits stop you from preserving these moments with your loved ones.

Once the details of the session have been taken care of, you can sit back and relax because the rest is on us. The session that you book is not restrained to any certain time frame. Your family is unique, and your session should be as well. You want these images to be a reflection of who you are, and we want to create that for you! Whether your family loves the camera and spends 2 hours posing, or perhaps is a bit more shy and only wants a few moments in front of our lens, we will utilize that time to create a stunning gallery for your family to make image selections from. Shy children, active children, pups that won’t sit still, or husbands that won’t smile…those things are all okay! It’s time for you to sit back and relax; let us take care of everything.

After your session, your family will be invited back into our studio to view your gorgeous images and make your selections. All of our products and studio samples, as well as the full investment guide, will be available for your viewing – you don’t have to fuss with memorizing anything from the consultation. During this time, you will be viewing approximately 30 fully retouched, gorgeous works of art from your portrait session. You will have your choice of product and image options, beginning at $300, including individual images, half of your gallery, and your full gallery. Since the options are brought to you in three personalized collections, you are only selecting the images you love in the medium that fits into your household the most.  We ask that you choose only what feels best for your family.

Your family’s artwork will be hand-delivered to you, to preserve it properly from the time it is finalized in our studio until the time it finds its home with you. We serve to create custom work that will be passed down for generations within your family, so we ask that you check everything over and ensure that it is the quality you have been waiting for. You are welcome to invite your friends to view your new portraits, film a LIVE video of the opening of your artwork, or even ask to throw a reveal party (100% complimentary to you) in our studio. If you choose to view your portraits privately, they are archival/museum quality and will last over 100 years with proper love and care…so there is plenty of opportunity to share with your friends. Once these beauties are in your possession, we will share a social media copy with you so that you may share online with friends/family.