Exclusive Mother’s Day Portraits

Motherhood by definition is a woman in relation to her children, bringing them up with care and affection.

What a dictionary definition fails to address are so many things that often go overlooked in our lives and society.
The bedtime stories, the sick-day cuddles, the snow day adventures (even though mom probably hates the snow)…
The advice that starts early in life and carries us well into our adulthood, when we become mothers and they become grandmothers.

Motherhood is a duty, and honor, that is never ending. It follows us through life. It is easily the most valued, but under recognized action.

We hear it too often…
“No, just photographs of the children. This is about them.”
“I’m not very photogenic. I never have been.”
“I want to lose this baby weight first, but maybe I can book next year.”
“I just can’t justify this on myself, perhaps family photos?”

To each and every mother out there, please take a moment to realize your worth. It doesn’t matter if you are their birth mother, or if you have adopted or share custody. It doesn’t matter if you are 15, 30, or 60. You are a mother for life. Your value only increases as your children grow.
You are creating a life that will outlast you, and a legacy that won’t soon pass.

It is sad to say, but one day your legacy will have to go on without you. While they may have a clear memory of you, they will find themselves saddened that they can no longer pick up the phone and ask mom.
They will want their children, also your legacy, to know of your life – to see you, to remember you, to honor you.

There are, perhaps, a million reasons to say “no” to having your portrait taken…
But if you need a reason, if you cannot do it for just you alone, then please realize that it extends beyond you. The blessing that the luxury of photography is something that extends far past our own lifetime. Don’t let your legacy go on without your memory.


Exclusive Motherhood Sessions are now being scheduled in spirit of the upcoming Mother’s Day (May 13th, 2018). These limited edition sessions will only be available to you in April and May. Prior booking has begun and will continue through April 18th – schedule as priority and receive 15% off your total order.

Special products are available for these sessions!

All sessions will include a complimentary care basket – filled with goodies from local businesses for mom, as well as the family.

Each mom will receive a welcome and session guide – going over wardrobe and styling, hair, makeup, etc. to find the best options available to you and your family.

To show our appreciation for you gorgeous moms out there, we are gifting each booked session a complimentary 8×10.

These sessions can be used for any mother, of any age.
They can be family portraits, couples portraits, or glamour of the mother alone.

Interested in purchasing a gift certificate for that special woman in your life? We are selling certificates in values of your choice. The certificates also come with a 10% off for the lovely ladies using the gift you’ve purchased!

Contact us today for additional information and to reserve your time slot. Dates are limited.

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