WOW – You’re a Model!

(and a really great one, I should add)

Okay – here is the scoop (do people still say that?) …

We are looking for an amazing, revolving team of locals who LOVE having photos of their families, are camera ready, and easy going! Does that sound like you? Keep reading, please…I need you.

Introducing to you…

Familiar Faces

Is your family photogenic, outdoor enthused, fun-loving, and full of energy? …oh and you have a super cool fur baby?! This program is for you! We ask that you be willing to join us in 2020 for 3 months to take part in multiple photography sessions, working exclusively with our studio, as well as spread the word in the community and on social media about your experience. If you are heavily involved in community, have a large social media base, love to be social with friends and family, and just love having your portrait taken…this is your chance!

Participating families will receive complimentary portrait sessions for each of our promotions during their term. To help in their recruitment of other families, they will receive packets full of the information they need. These ambassador packets will include things like coupons, referral cards, affiliate discount code for friends, and everything else you need to be a successful model for Erica Danile Photography and a familiar face to the community!

Members of Familiar Faces are our main spokes-models, or marketing representatives – showing off new promotions to their friends. It all begins with a fun, unique modeling sessions to get things started – capturing magic and beautiful moments together!

To help you in your journey as a Familiar Face model, we will start you off with a set of referral cards. These cards are business card prints that hold a great discount for your friends and family; these are yours to hand out to friends, family, leave at businesses, etc. Additionally we will be tagging you in studio branded/watermarked images on social media, and creating a digital coupon for you to use! All of these things are an effort to help you be the very best at representing our brand as possible.

Now is where the fun begins! You help us by telling all of your friends about your experience at Erica Danile Photography and the fun that you have had. We want you to continue encouraging them to choose our studio for their portrait sessions. — BUT this is not a one sided deal. As you refer your friends, they will let us know that you referred them and/or bring your referral card to the session. As they do this…you receive rewards!

  • Referral Cards
  • Affiliate Link Discount
  • Personalized Promo
  • Personal Mobile Gallery

The Perks!

In order to get credit for MORE goodies in our program, your friends must mention your name when they are booking their session with us. We are using your modeling images to book each of our seasonal promotions, so your gorgeous portraits will be the first thing they see and think of! They will get 10% OFF of their session and you will get a FREE portrait session (on top of the seasonal sessions you already receive)! To sweeten the deal, we operate on a points system where you can gain free portrait sessions JUST FROM SHARING. We KNOW you’re working hard for us and we want to reward that! Show everyone those gorgeous portraits of yours.

For every friend you refer that books, you will receive a FREE portrait session to use for your family – however you see fit. Then when you share, comment on posts, and tag us around social media, we are giving you points – heck we are giving you points when your friends contact us, even if they don’t book! Think of this as monopoly money that you can spend however you please on whatever you please, in the studio.

  • FREE Seasonal Portraits
  • 10% OFF Affiliate Link (for friends & family)
  • 20% OFF Additional Purchases (for you)
  • Refer a Friend = another FREE session (of your choice)


Applicants must complete the following form to be considered. We are looking for fun loving families with (amazing animals who are just another part of the family) to model for us for the 2020 year.

Become a Model : Apply Now