Behind the Lens

With a formal training in the fine arts, Erica is combining worlds: Gallery & Household.

“Life is beautiful. Love is art.”

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Among art is where I feel at home. I could spend countless hours wandering a gallery; I could spend equally as many hours traipsing the forest. It was the realization that life is beautiful and that our love is art that really brought my vision to life.

I cannot imagine a world without magic, a world without wonder. So many people seem to have lost that in the hustle and bustle of life. Often times we force a smile rather than give ourselves a reason to smile!

Everyone has a story and it is up to each person to write their own. My mission as an artist is to capture the story of those I encounter, and preserve it for years to come.

“Every life is magical, we just lose sight of it as our daily lives consume us. My mission is to bring that feeling back to everyone!”

Erica has studied photography for 7 years, and will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography (BFA) in 2019.

Continued certifications will be received by 2021, beginning with a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).

To protect your family to best of her ability, Erica belongs to several professional organizations, and is licensed and insured.