Lucy - Ambassador

(I Love) Lucy is a happy, peppy 5-year-old mini, long-haired dachshund from Franklin County, PA. Named after her humans' favorite TV redhead, she is always getting into trouble and making her family laugh out loud. She enjoys long walks on the beach, playing dress up, chewing bones, and visiting her furry cousins (doxies and shih tzus). Before becoming an ambassador for EDP, her proudest accomplishments include winning multiple photo and costume contests, as well as besting a Great Dane (among others) in a hot dog eating contest. This girl LOVES to eat, but she is also very conscious of her figure. Good thing her favorite photographer always catches her best side!

Lucy the Dachshund
Amanda - Ambassador

We are a fun-loving family. We are always full of energy and always into something. If it’s not music, dance, or sports, you’ll find us exploring.

Butts Family

Morrie is a two year old Jack Russell who is full of love and provides lots of laughs. He’s the middle child of his fur-family, he has two Jack Russell brothers but he also has a baby human brother! Morrie brings so much joy into our home with his silly antics but also provides comedic relief through his popular Instagram page, @pack.of.jacks. Morrie has hosted over 20 homeless Jack Russells in our home and has helped them learn to be a dog before their adoption day. He lights up with he sees little kids but pretends that adults who gush over him don’t exist.

Wilson Family

I am 17 year old Junior at Millbrook High School. There I am on the varsity cheer team and a member of Cheer Eruption All-Stars. I am the reigning Miss. Millwood Fire & Rescue, as well as Miss. Blue Ridge Community Service.
In my free time, I enjoy modeling, pageants, cheer, and just hanging out with friends and family.

Senior - Sami