Your Memories Preserved

The “Why” Behind Your Portraits…

Your family…the people you cannot live without…immortalized through the legacy you create during your lifetime. Because of this legacy, our family members stay forever close, forever remembered, in our minds and in our hearts. Your pet is a part of your family, a major part – an extension of your heart, really. As a result, we were inspired…by you! Our Martinsburg, WV studio exists with the goal of getting your family, your FULL family, in front of our lens to preserve these moments in time…forever. They mean the world to you – so why wouldn’t you keep them in your world, in your mind and heart, forever? When our minds fail us and our voices are no longer strong enough to tell our stories, portraits step up to tell the tale.

Your memories, in the form of portraits, will tell that tale for generations to come. Every moment is new, every moment will matter in 25….in 50 years. We help you force time to stand still, to relive these moments, as they are today, for years to come. Your memories, your love, and your portraits combined will withstand time and grow in value as time passes us.

The “What” Behind Your Portraits…

The “How” Behind Your Portraits…

We know that family portraiture can feel stressful – if adding your beloved pet to the equation and your stomach may start to feel queasy just thinking about it. How will everyone cooperate? Will everyone look at the camera? Car sickness…stubborn…the list goes on and on…seriously…you are not alone!

There will always be a reason to say “, maybe another time.” I encourage you to take this very moment to immortalize your family, forever, as you never know what tomorrow will bring – every day is new, every day is different. We strive to embrace today as it is….perfect.

Ask to see our preparation guide or bring questions/concerns to Erica directly.

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