How-To Send Christmas Cards (on-time) this Year

I already know…those Christmas cards…they probably didn’t make it out on-time last year. Maybe they didn’t make it out at all. In fact, they may not have at any time in the past. Not shaming. Not blaming. I am right there with ya!

If you haven’t sent Christmas cards in the past, but want to start – why wait any longer? I’ve got your back and have collected tips to getting them out on time, but first…

Why Christmas Cards?

You can argue against them. For years, my family didn’t send cards either. The industries my parents were in hardly required much networking and many of the people we cared to follow up with were close enough for a nice cup of coffee. Perhaps you prefer a good phone call over a card in the mail. There are certainly ways to make both work.

I cannot speak for everyone, but for most people Christmas cards are simply a great way to let someone know you are on their mind. You are wishing them happiness during this important time, in your life, of the year – and, since many people take breaks from Christmas to the New Year, you are likely wishing them a fabulous end of the year and start of the New Year.

It can be a beautiful way to catch up with family members who live further away, are not on social media, or simply enjoy a good letter in the mail. Cards, particularly handwritten, can strength work and business ties, bring friendships closer together, and make people feel genuinely acknowledged, important in your life. As we all know, it can be a little tough to get them out – made, written, find the address, etc. If you are sending a card to someone, they know they matter to you – they know that was intentional.

Why NOT Christmas Cards?

I personally LOVE Christmas cards – from a business owner standpoint. If you are on our previous-client list, prepare to receive one, but probably not on time – following my own advice is difficult. Having said that, perhaps I am not the person to speak on this topic, BUT…It’s okay not to do them.

Don’t want to? Don’t.

Don’t have time? Don’t.

Don’t like receiving them? Don’t.

SO MANY just…don’t. I love them. I love sending. I love receiving. BUT if you don’t love it, don’t do it. If you don’t have time, the resources, the addresses, friends that enjoy it, just…don’t. It’s okay. No one is looking around wondering where their card from you is – they are simply admiring the ones they got. They are probably also super busy with the holidays – family, pets, kids, shew. Trust me, you get a pass this year – they won’t notice.

Sent Them Out Late — AGAIN?

Deep breathes. The world really isn’t over. I have received cards AFTER the New Year and just thought “Oop, someone was busy.” I wasn’t outraged. I didn’t immediately toss the card out or blast them on social media. Life carried on as usual, I just noted that someone else had taken the time to send me a card.

I get it though – I get the appeal. You want to send them for them to enjoy around the holidays. And…let’s be honest…we all like looking a little more organized and put together than perhaps we are (sending things on time and being on top of the rush can make us appear this way)

Again – it’s OKAY to send late or just never send – but if you want to get those bad boys out by Christmas…

I’ve Got Tips…

  • PLAN AHEAD – Do you want to purchase cards online? go in store? are you doing a custom design? are you including photos – professional photographer or selfie?
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – If scheduling with a professional, contact EARLY. Contact now, like right now, in October – ask when you should have your portraits done for cards and IF they have availability.
  • SHIPPING – Allow 2 weeks for your cards to get to you, depending on where they are coming from. You can always check this and get them sooner, but the last thing you want is to wait until the last moment and have your cards not arrive on time.
  • ADDRESSES – Start collecting addresses early. Now. Just…do it now. Compile an excel sheet of all of those addresses. Figure out how many you want to send based on budget (yikes – postage is rough) and narrow that list down.
  • START EARLY / PACE YOURSELF – About half way through, if that far, you’re going to feel like you’re dying and that this…was a bad idea. Your hand will cramp, your pen will run out, your tongue will be tired of licking envelopes. It’s rough.
  • ORDER – Address labels: lifesaver, seriously, your hand. Stickers: Print their addresses onto these, again, seriously…your hand will thank you. Pens: if writing personal notes, you will need these and lots if that list is big.
  • WHEN TO SEND – It is ideal to send 2-3 weeks before Christmas to ensure everyone receives their copy before the holidays. Essentially, if you send your cards out that first week in December, you should be aye-okay.

If they get there late…DON’T SWEAT IT. There is always next year to try again! We have got your back. For people in MD, VA, WV, and PA looking for Christmas Cards this year – we have a few select portrait spots available in November and would LOVE to help you order cards this year. Contact us.

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