Fine Art | 2017-2018

An “in progress” series that explores the unseen impacts we have upon the world around: the environment, lives of others, even our own being. These abstracted forms are a means of contrasting the concept of plaguing the world around us with the beauty and vibrancy of how we perceive it.

“The Cycle” is a completed self-portrait series, photographed with a documentary feel. This series takes you into the mundane, every day tasks and life of the artist and focuses on finding beauty in the simplicity.

A completed series visualizing the interior impacts of battling anxiety and depression. This concept is continuing to be explored by the artist.

An exploration of form in using body as a sort of landscape. This exercise is on-going for the artist.

“Upside Down” – a completed self-portrait series, inspired by Gregory Crewdson’s dramatic scenes, explores and visualizes the variety of personalities and personas we each possess within us. The series brings these beings to life through a series of interactions with one another.

The following images are misc. and do not belong to any given series. Just a few experiments with technique and concept over the past year.