Dog Days of Summer

“A dog is man’s best friend.”


July 13th, 2019

Your dog’s favorite part of the day…is you.

You are their everything – their best friend, their parent, their protector, their world. And in turn, well, they are pretty much your everything, too.

I know this because I have a boy, too. A good boy. Arguably the best boy. And…I hope he knows it. See, if I have learned anything it is that life is too short – and with your best friend? Far, far too short. These moments we have together are truly irreplaceable.

It is heartbreaking to me to think of all of the good boys out there that don’t have someone’s shoes to chew on or chair to steal. They spend their days not knowing the beautiful friendship between man and dog.

Let’s be honest, we are fortunate, so are our dogs.

We will be celebrating your very best friend – make memories, preserve memories. While doing this, we will help all of the dogs out there who are still seeking their happily ever afters.

  • Benefits: Local Animal Shelters & Rescues
  • Location: Back Creek Public Access
  • Session Fee: $25 (images purchased separately)

In an effort to help our shelters care for the many animals in need, we will be purchasing and donating bags of dog food. How much food?

Erica Danile Photography will take the combined weight of the dogs we photograph in Dog Days of Summer and match it in dog food donations!

Based on current bookings, we are donating ___ pounds.

To reserve your space in Dog Days of Summer, July 13th, 2019, please fill out the form below, and submit payment.

Dog Days of Summer | Session Fee

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