In a World of Digital…Why Print?

It is recorded that on average there are approximately 60 MILLION images posted to Instagram every single day. The statistics show that Facebook stomps that into the ground with an amazing 350 MILLION images uploaded every. single. day.

So in a world that is so clearly driven by and focused on the newest technologies, why in the world would anyone want to print their images?!

Technology is growing and evolving daily.

We can look back at this and think of the record. The record moved to the 8-track, to the cassette, to the CD, to the MP3, to the MP4, and we are still evolving.

Something similar has happened in the world of computers…

We’ve moved from Floppy Disk to CD to USB…and now they have introduced the USB-C

Computers have been missing their floppy slot for quite sometime. Now they are removing the CD drive. The latest and greatest computer models have upgraded their USB. So…what do we do with all of the data that we are missing?

Data – whether it be written word or imagery – is being lost throughout time, and at a very rapid pace! You can no longer access the data on your floppy and as one could imagine the same will soon be happening to these other technologies.

We want to feel a sense of security by posting our images, by sharing online, but these moments are only seen for a second, before being buried among the other millions. These sites come and go just as quickly as our technologies do. Myspace was taken over by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It would be inaccurate to think that this won’t happen again…

So how can one combat the ever changing world?


We can preserve our cherished memories in the form of archival prints!

Archival prints are museum quality, fine art prints created through a professional lab.

These prints will not fade, warp, or ruin within the 15 years, as your prints from a consumer lab will. This type of printing is necessary in properly preserving your imagery. They will hold strong through the years and be a piece that your family can pass down for generations.

Erica Danile Photography urges everyone to make use of the amazing resources that we have available to us. Post, share, and tag your family in all of your newest images! However, do not forget that while that post may last a few moments – you need those memories to last a lifetime.

Consider ordering prints through your photographer of choice. If you’ve taken the images yourself, ask a photographer (myself included) who is the best for YOU to print from!

We urge photographers and clients alike to switch to archival printing

& spread the education of print over digital.


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