Decorated Chaos | Advice to Clients Booking their Dream Session; no reason to wait.

The podcast you’ve always needed to help you through finding a photographer and scheduling that portrait session is here at last

Heyyyy! It’s Erica, the creator of Erica Danile Photography – your Martinsburg pet & family photographer, and I am so excited to bring Decorated Chaos to you. Just like you, I thrive on a family centered lifestyle. I happily share my home with one dog, one cat, and five guinea pigs. Yes — you could say, I am a pet person. Trust me, I get it. Portraits are hard! Finding the right photographer (how do you even know?), budgeting, finding time…it can all add up and make you not want photographs at all! Decorated Chaos is here to describe your beautiful, but hectic lifestyle and suggest ways to make booking a portrait session work for your family. A few things about me, just so we are on the same page, I have the patience of a saint (or so I’ve been told), enjoy travel, am coffee crazed, and will never say no to fur baby cuddles. Your life is chaotic, I get it because mine is too. If you want to learn more about myself and the studio, read my full bio. Keep scrolling to dip into the too good to be true, brand new podcast content. Check back every Sunday for a new episode.