Couture & Style: Planning a Fantasy World

These sessions blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

Together we create a magical world for your child or family to live within.

Any age or size group is welcome to join us for these gorgeous sessions. Our focus, however, falls on individuals, or small groups, between preschool and middle school ages. We would love to have you!

Our sessions begin with an in-person consultation to discuss the type of portraits and imagery you are seeking. The work we have displayed is only a fraction of what we can create: mermaid, fairy, firefly, zombie, etc.

Sessions are advertised per season: see a full-list for 2018 at the bottom of this page.

However, we take requests year round. Requests are personalized sessions, crafted just for you!

Current Schedule of Styled Sessions

  • Glitter: January – April
  • Easter with Animal: February – March
  • Pet Portrait: March-April
  • Garden: March-May
  • Mud puddle: March-April
  • Mother Nature: April-June
  • Princess: May-June
  • Dragon: May-June
  • Water/Underwater: May-August
  • River: May-August
  • Beach: July
  • Sunflower: August
  • Farmer Market: September- October
  • Zombie: October
  • Tree Farm: October-November
  • Reindeer: November-December
  • Oldtime Santa: October-December

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Become a part of these styled sessions!

This list is schedule to change and will be updated periodically.

Model Calls will take place the first month, or month prior to, the listed time period. If interested in participating, we encourage you to join our VIP Group or Email List.