WEE – You want to work with me?! GLEAMING!

“She is so great with kiddos and is extremely patient such a very sweet lady and made the experience very enjoyable. The kids had a blast for sure!!”

Katie Shepherd

Okay – Not going to lie right now. I am excited. I am already excited. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU – WOW. I know, I know. There is a lot to consider when entrusting your precious memories upon someone. You probably have questions, lots of questions…and I’m here for that!

Whether it is the biggest moment of your life or just the perfect opportunity for an amazing portrait…I am so happy for you, and so honored to be considered for such an important family event. I will get back to you as soon as possible – leave lots of details or vague ideas…whether you have it all planned out or seriously need some help getting it together…I am here to work my magic, use my excitement, and get you the best darn portraits you’ve ever seen. You know why? YOU DESERVE THEM. YOU DESERVE IT.