Client of the Month: September

This month we are honoring a client that is brand new to the studio, coming from the referral of her long time friend.

September’s Client of the Month is Tiffany Conklin (and her lovely family).

We have prepared a gift for Tiffany as a thank you for joining us for such a lovely portrait session, trusting us with her memories, and being just fabulous throughout the process. You have no idea how much it means to us, and how honored we truly are.

We threw away the idea that the pups “needed to sit still” (news flash: very, very, very few do. It is my job to make it LOOK LIKE they sit still, same with kiddos!) and rolled with the punches. We combated bugs and heat. We played off of two excited pups’ energy. We enjoyed an evening capturing personalities, creating legacies, and making memories together.

While few things in life are perfect, we feel this family is pretty close. There are few times I have witnessed as much love and understanding between family members as I did during this session. I cannot wait to watch their family grow and continue documenting these important moments (because every day is important and you don’t need to wait for a birthday or holiday)

Tiffany and her family will be receiving some goodies in their mailbox this month that I bet they cannot wait to share with you! BUT here is something you don’t have to wait…

Contact us to schedule your very own portrait session for 2020, by October 2nd, and mention Tiffany’s gorgeous family to receive a special offer! Next Client of the Month will be announced on October 2nd.

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