Client of the Month: February

We are already into the second month of the year – time is so crazy. Sometimes it moves so fast and suddenly we are into February. Other times it feels like it is standing still for our important moments.

This month, I think it is only appropriate to recognize a client who has been with us for quite sometime. The family is beautiful, fun, and has truly became like family. It is time to properly thank them for sticking by our side all of these years – through all of the tricks time plays, all of the changes. It has been amazing to watch their family grow and change, and we appreciate their celebration of our growth as well. It isn’t every day that a client like this comes along…so this month we are celebrating…

The February Client of the Month is the heartfelt family of Kelly Hott.

I have prepared a little special something for this family, as I’m so grateful to have been chosen for these special moments with their family. Together we have created something beautiful – both in imagery and expanding our photo-family. I want to thank Kelly from the bottom of my heart for opening up, becoming a friend, and letting my studio into her important moments.

Since this family has been with us for so long, we have so many gorgeous images from sessions that we could share. I’ve just selected a few of my favorites to share here today.

Just another large thank you is in order for this family. I hope that we can continue working together as the years go by. I can’t wait for our portraits in the blossoms this year and to be able to share them, but in the meantime – please accept this little gift from the photo-family!

Contact us to schedule your very own portrait session for 2020, by March 4th, and mention Kelly’s gorgeous family to receive a special offer! Next Client of the Month will be announced on March 5th.

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