Boudoir is…

To us, boudoir is a unique, feminine experience. It is an embrace of our outer selves so that we can better embrace and express our internal being. No matter who you intend your boudoir experience to be for, it is always a benefit to yourself: A chance to be 100% yourself and receive nothing but positive and good vibes as a result!

The Process

We begin our process by encouraging ladies to join our private group: Erica Danile’s VIP Glamour & Boudoir. This is a ladies only group on Facebook that allows clients to get first dibs on special offers on sessions, model calls, advice on outfits, relevant articles, etc. It also gives the opportunity for proud, happy clients to share any images they’d like from their session. We encourage ladies to talk about their experience and share their thoughts with the other girls who are considering Boudoir.

Once you feel comfortable with boudoir and wish to begin discussing, we encourage you to reach out to us! Our goal is to make the process simple and fun, so we will guide you through the entire thing. Together we will determine the best location, of the options we have, for you. We will discuss all of the package and print options to find the product perfect for your needs. This process is done through an in person consultation so that you can see the studio, one location option, meet the photographer, and feel out all of your options for booking. This is a no-stress, no-obligation experience to provide you with all of the proper information.

When you’ve decided to book, the rest is easy peasy. Once we have the details planned, we can begin booking – choosing a location, planning outfits, and placing your online retainer. Our contracts and questionnaires are online, as well. These little forms are golden! Within it, we ask about your preferences, your boundaries, and what you hope to gain from your experience. It’ll talk about clothing, makeup, hair, favorite features, and even your taste of music!


The images you see featured within this page are from ladies who have chosen to share their experience with you. As part of our privacy promise, we only share images that we have permission to do so. These options are present within both forms.