Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens

With a formal training in the fine arts, Erica is bringing the beauty of the gallery world onto your walls.

“Life is beautiful. Love is art.”

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 Each family member is a precious part of your family, an extension of your heart, and a big part of the bond you share as a whole. These moments are precious, passing too quickly, and I could not be more honored to have been chosen to capture them for you. This studio exist solely to preserve and showcase the unique bond that you all share!

We will take portraiture to the next level by inviting your full family to come together, both human and pet, to celebrate the love between each of you. I strive to capture each of your individual personality’s, as they are in this very moment, and the emotions, connections, and joy within the family! There has never been a moment more precious than the ones you experience today, together. 

“Tell the ‘tail’ of those you love most. Share your legacy.”

Erica Danile Photography was established in 2016. 

Erica received Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019.

Continued Certifications to be received by 2022:  Certified Professional Photographer.

To protect your family to best of her ability, Erica is both licensed and insured. She belongs to numerous professional organizations to protect your best interests.