Crazy Lady Taking Shots

“Erica, thank you for the beautiful pictures of my grand daughter. You capture a persons beauty in their smile. Continue your artistic creativity of bringing joy into families lives through your photography!”

Alice Sheck Lee

I spend my days striving to bring the beauty and class of the traditional fine art gallery into your house – using your family as the main subject (aka. the most beautiful, perfect subject there is to work with). It is no problem if your children (human or fur baby) don’t, or won’t, sit still – I’m up for each and every challenge you can throw my way – heck, I’ll go as far as to say I specialize in capturing their movement and amazing personality & energy!

“Life is beautiful. Love is art.”

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 I get it, trust me – each family member is a precious part of your family, an extension of your heart, and a big part of the bond you share as a whole. I know this because I feel the same way about mine. These moments are precious, passing too quickly, and I could not be more honored to have been chosen to capture them for you, heck – to even be considered! I opened my studio solely to preserve and showcase the unique bond that you all share. Believe me when I tell you there is NOTHING quite like you in this world.

Together, you and I are invincible portrait wise. We will take portraiture thing, this family photo game, to the next level by inviting your full family to come together, both human and fur baby, to celebrate the love that you all share (and can’t leave out that quirky fun). All I want is to capture each of your individual personalities, as they are in this very moment, and the emotions, connections, and joy within the family! There has never been a moment more precious than the one you experience today, together. Seriously – these moments are the moments we will cherish forever.

“Tell the ‘tail’ of those you love most. Share your legacy.”

I began portraiture in 2012, but launched my first professional studio (Erica Danile Photography) in the summer of 2016 (happiest summer for me, hands down, no competition). In 2019, I was absolutely blessed to walk across the stage with my Bachelor of Fine Arts (concentrating in my favorite thing EVER – photography) and have plans to continue learning every day with additional certifications. I love your family because you love your family. To keep you safe and out of harms way, the studio is 100% legit, can’t quit. I am licensed with the federal government, state, and all local requirements. I carry insurance that protects you, your property, and your babies, and belong to a number of professional organizations that will have your back no matter what. I eat, sleep, and breathe family bonds. I got you.

andddd…in case you haven’t heard enough…I will spew everything I can about myself in one sentence. Anndddddddd GO!

Nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, crazy-starbucks-addicted-girl: just a few words that describe me, while I spend my days with my best friend…with whom I plan our wedding, just moved into our dream home, smother our furbabies (1 lab-sharpai, 1 long hair tabby, and 5 guinea pigs) in the most love we can, and never stop pursuing our passions and promoting those in others.

SHEW – that was a mouth full – was that even a sentence? I don’t know. I don’t even know anymore (just being honest with you), but I can tell you one thing…I am open book. I want to know you, and I want you to know me. Feel free to ask anything – personal, business, portrait, I don’t care!

Chat with me – I seriously can’t wait. I love making new friends!