A Mother’s Love in Bloom

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower. “

-John Harrigan


This beautiful family joined me for a bit more a spontaneous shoot.

With living in a valley, it is not often that we can find an open area to photograph – let alone an open area that is covered in flowers. It was by sheer luck that we stumbled upon this flower patch. I began quickly posting all over, to try and make use of this natural beauty before the flowers were gone. Without knowing how long they had been there, it was hard to tell how long they would stay in bloom!




We improved – pushing things that would usually be discussed over a consultation into a day to complete these photographs. It is hard to deny that the results are amazing!


So much love and energy is captured within these images. The personalities of each girl shine through, as well as the connection, the bond, that they share as a family.



The gallery is filled with candid moments: real moments of laughter and love!

Many hugs and kisses were passed to one another during the session. There were whispers in ears…there were sibling spats…there was laughs until near tears.



No two galleries are ever the same. It is the personality of each being photographed that bring the photographs – the moments being photographed – to life. I am blown away by the love and energy projected by this precious family. Their bond is untouchable and it was a pleasure to preserve these moments and memories for them.

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  1. Thank you so much! We loved working with you! You made everything so easy and relaxed and made us comfortable which is huge for us!

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